Azalea Days

by Saw Black

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Gary Garles
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Gary Garles Purchased after a live house concert in Des Moines, IA. This is the kind of record that you can listen to over and over again. really mature, coherent pieces of a very tasty folk pie. Favorite track: Overhead.
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All songs recorded and produced by Saw Black


released February 10, 2017

All songs written by Saw except "Dirty Work," which was co-written with Pete Curry. Austin Tekamp played drums on "Guess I'm Here" and "Andy." Parker Black played drums on "Dirty Work." Pete Curry played bass on "Andy" and keys on "Criminal Cigarettes," and all but drums on "Dirty Work."



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Saw Black Richmond, Virginia

7/14 Daytrotter Session Release
7/21 Commonwealth Of Notions Festival
8/17 Savory Grain
9/1 VMFA First Friday
Currently booking Sept-Nov
Email: for press or booking inquiries..

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Track Name: Guess I'm Here
Never thought I'd be here without you
Never thought I'd be here
Gunna make this last forever
I promise I'm here
I promise you
I am here

Who knew I'd be here at all?
I promise I'm here
I'll be here
I am here
Track Name: Rosie's Comin' Home
Rosie's comin home, up in the Georgia hills leaving me alone
Little mountain home, takin in the smoky sky with her brother getting stoned
Got the house cleaned up lookin almost right, she's comin in tomorrow
So I did the dishes, I'm letting in some light
Put away the cigarettes and pick up all the bones
My baby's comin back, she's driving in tomorrow

Forget about the emptiness, I'm getting back my soul
No more home alone, I'll have someone to talk to other than my dog
Just want to crowd the couch and watch some stupid shows
Track Name: Kiss
When I'm feeling down and there's no one else to talk to
You are like the ground, I break my bones against you.
All I want is a kiss..
You're crying in the basement, I'm a stupid clown
I'm screaming on the pavement and there's no one else around.

I don't want to make you sad.

I won't leave you abandon
I won't let this curse go through..
Track Name: Azalea Days
One bedroom house just south of Charleston
A kitchen, a screen porch and a garden
Tired old bleached out beach town
It's the right place for her to settle down

She just needs some space,
And some time to erase
The person she became
Azalea Days
Angels escape

She changed her name when she married him
These white walls are paper thin
There's no one around to break the silence
She just wants to forget the screaming and the violence
Track Name: Overhead
There's a plane overhead
There's a piece of me in it
I keep asking why

You're flying away

It's cool to be hated
I'm so tired and I'm jaded
I'm still asking why
Track Name: Criminal Cigarettes
This is a love song to criminal cigarettes
We're gunna go pick up you can come along
You can meet my connect, we can all get stoned

Feelin so out of it
27s are strong
Smokin criminal cigarettes
Doin nothin never gets old

Ziplock bags of bud, givin out free hugs
I got no regrets, live with my pets
Pile in the van, they say roses are red

Feelin so out of it
My eyes are red too
Smokin criminal cigarettes
Doin nothin never gets old
Track Name: Dirty Work
There's spilt milk on the stairs and dirty dishes in the sink
No one even seems to care, the trashcans been full for weeks
Piles of dirt in every room
Stains and holes in all my jeans
I'm too broke to buy a broom
Being cleans a distant dream

Leave the dirty work to me
If you say that I'm in charge I guess I must be

The backyard is full of cans, with weeds in every corner
Cigarettes butts in frying pans, everything is out of order
Broken drain up in the shower and only one light bulb even works
Yesterday we lost the power
All my roommates are jerks..
Track Name: Andy
Joe was mad her momma left her in the county with her dad
She grew up fast, had to grow up faster than everyone else
Joe was sad in the public school she was lost in the crowd
She wanted a car, where she worked didn't pay her much
So she rode with Andy
Andy didn't turn his music up loud enough

Andy got caught, in his locker he was hiding pot
They didn't kick him out they said his daddy had punished Andy enough
Took away his car, Andy couldn't give Joe rides to school anymore
Joe met John, John turned his music up and smoked better pot
But what about Andy?
Andy didn't turn his music up loud enough.
Track Name: Tell Me What You Want
Tell me what you want, tell me I don't know what you want
Can you go to hell? Just for something that you thought
Can you know the dark? If it's something you can't see
Can you hear the sparks? When they hit the gasoline

You would burn down all the trees, just for the heat
You would tear up our whole street, just to prove that you can leave

Tell me what you want, tell me I don't know what you want
Can you get better? If you tear yourself apart
Can you know the truth? If it's something you don't do
Can you feel something? If there's nothing inside you
Track Name: Drag U Down
Baby, I've fallen hard
Lately, I've just been scared

I won't lift you up
I won't drag you down

I'll put down the cup
I'll keep on the light

I won't drag you down
Track Name: Stuck On Her
She's a generator of unbound love
I'm the complicated son of a gun

I am stuck on her

Pullin the trigger I don't care what hurts
Mouth-wide-opener I'm a little turnt
I've been waking up early
Still not feeling the earth
Trying hard to stay content
Tired everything hurts
I don't know what's happened
What the hell is here?
I'm just doing my work
Staying in the clear